Colorado Elopement Photographer

Documenting exhilarating, intentional, one-of-a-kind celebrations of true love.

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and photographing elopements throughout Colorado and beyond in locations like Glacier National Park in Montana and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Give Yourself Permission to Dream

Whether your epic Colorado elopement is already half-planned, or you’re still just toying with the idea of doing something outside the box in an epic location somewhere in the United States, I’m here to tell you that you really can have the elopement of your dreams. It can be as bold, quirky, and downright mind-blowing as you’ve always imagined…or never dared to! I believe your elopement photography should feel like dancing with your best friends in the front row at a concert. Like driving with the windows down in the summertime. Like, well, jumping out of a plane at 6,000 feet…but more on that later!

In short, I believe you deserve a one-of-a-kind experience that fits your love story like a glove.

Are you ready to leave behind all things Pinterest-perfect and race towards something deeper? Something new? Something infinitely more genuine, joyful, and true-to-you? Me too! Why don’t we go together?

Meet Jessica


When I was little, I always followed the rules. As an adult, I help couples like you break them on the reg! What changed? It’s a LONG story, and an impulsive decision to go skydiving definitely had something to do with it. But most of all, my passion for unfettered, unrestrained love stories like yours tugged me toward a life spent documenting “I do”s in the most breathtaking landscapes across America.

Known for wearing cozy beanies in every shade, scoping out hidden gem locations, and creating backup plans for my backup plans, I expertly blend planning with spontaneity to create the perfect elopement adventure. I am proud to deliver a photography experience that’s about so much more than the photos we take. So, whether you’re already planning your perfect elopement at an alpine lake in Colorado or desperate for someone to guide you through every step of this whole getting-hitched-in-the-wilderness thing, I’m here for you. I can’t wait to explore the possibilities with you and bring them to life in a way you’ve never even imagined. Let’s dive in!

I’m always on the move.

Here are some places I frequent or have been to, loved, and would be stoked to head back to:

Resources for Planning Your Elopement

Where to Elope in Colorado

Welcome to the glorious state of Colorado, where elopement locations are everywhere and adventurous couples can find their perfect place to say “I Do.” As a Colorado elopement photographer, I have more than a few elopement location secrets to share. So, hop in your open-top jeep and come along for the ride—it’s time to find the right elopement location for YOU!

Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Colorado

So you’ve decided on eloping in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but now the question of “now what?” is looming in your mind. This post is packed with information including answers to frequently asked questions, how to find the perfect elopement photographer, and even a checklist to make your dreams of traveling to Colorado to elope come true! 

“Jessica immediately felt like an old friend… It was as if she became a sort of unique ‘professional’ maid of honor, which is kind of when you want when there is only one person with you and your spouse to be on your wedding day!”
Tyler and Rahul

“Having someone that is passionate in her goals of ‘crafting purposeful elopement experiences in adventure-filled places’ is exactly what you’ll get when you choose Jessica. From day one, she helped ignite ideas on where and what we wanted in our day… She’s incredible and honestly willing to do whatever it takes to make things absolutely magical no matter the circumstances. “
Deanna and Rob

“The way she documented our day, with gentle guidance, allowed us to be playful, explore the scenery, and just simply feel the love!! Jessica had a professional and strong creative presence and was also laid back, which made us feel at ease.”
Niky and Vlad

Recent Elopement Stories

Adventurous Off-Roading Elopement in Ouray, Colorado

Adventurous Off-Roading Elopement in Ouray, Colorado

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Sunrise Hiking Elopement in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Sunrise Hiking Elopement in Idaho Springs, Colorado

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2023 Travel Schedule

I am based in Colorado. Here is my current travel schedule of where I'll be exploring during different months! This is ever-evolving and growing as I book couples' elopement days in new locations. 

March: Richmond, Virginia
Phoenix, Arizona
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming • Glacier National Park, Montana
July: Glacier National Park, Montana
August: Iceland
September: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming • Glacier National Park, Montana
October: Glacier National Park, Montana

Places I've been

These are all locations that I've traveled to that I think would make the perfect spot to elope!

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Glacier National Park, Montana
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Yosemite National Park, California
Arch Cape (Oregon Coast), Oregon
Outer Banks, North Carolina
New York City, New York

Ready to take the leap?

Whether you’re counting down the milliseconds until “I do” on your elopement day or just looking to update the photos on your walls, let’s get your session or celebration in the books! Simply fill out the short inquiry form below, and I’ll be in touch in 48 hours or less to keep the conversation going. I’ll even send you a quick text once I’ve received your inquiry to reassure you that it didn’t get gobbled up by the monster that lives in my Junk mailbox! I can’t wait to learn your love story and hear your unique ideas for your photos. Let’s bring your vision to life!