fun facts about me.

it’s so dang good to meet you!

  • My husband and I are high school sweethearts and the parents to two hyper + adorable golden retrievers named Scout and Oliver

  • I love camping and there are few things I love doing more than spending summer nights drinking cheap wine + eating s’mores by the fire with people I love

  • Texting me with gifs is the way to my heart, especially if they’re from The Office or Parks & Rec

  • Singing and dancing in the car is my favorite – I can go from country to rap in a matter of seconds without skipping a beat. Put on Bohemian Rhapsody to see my talents shine their brightest!

  • The biggest item on my bucket list is to visit every national park in the United States. So far, Glacier National Park is my absolute favorite

  • I love to learn – I’m always looking for new ways to grow in my business or interesting documentaries to watch on Netflix

  • I went skydiving once here in Montana and it was wild and so out of my comfort zone! I’m already dying to go again, perhaps in Hawaii some day

A photo from Doug and Marah’s engagement session along Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

A photo from Doug and Marah’s engagement session along Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

“I am in awe of the way she brought my fiancé and I’s love to life through her photography! There truly aren’t enough words to express how gifted she is… As a wonderful bonus, she is so sweet and fun to be around—we had such a good time during the photoshoot! I can’t rave enough about her and I look forward to future photoshoots with her.”
— Doug & Marah G.

the client experience.

say goodbye to stiff photo sessions that don’t represent your relationship

Working with me is far more than the period of time that I’m there for your session, wedding, or elopement. From the moment your inquiry reaches my email until I deliver your gallery – I’m here for you to make the experience as fun and as “you” as it can possibly be.

Some important things to know…

  • Once you book me, I’m not only your photographer. The connection I form with clients starts long before I ever press the shutter and it doesn’t end at the end of their session or wedding day. I will be your right-hand woman through it all. I’m here to truly get to know the two of you and give you an experience that allows you to be unapologetically yourselves and have epic photos to cherish forever!

  • Y’all don’t need to be professional models to have a beautiful session! Literally none of the people you see on this website are professional models. They’re just people in love (just like you) who trusted me to create an experience that resulted in beautiful photos of their love. Most of my clients start sessions saying something along the lines of “we’re awkward, sorry!” or “we’ve never done photos so we’ll need a lot of guidance” and that’s completely okay! You don’t need to know how to pose and you never need to stress about looking Pinterest-perfect.

  • With that being said… just come to the session being yourselves (whether that be goofy, passionate, awkward, or a little bit of all of the above) and I know we’ll have a blast.

  • I am always down for epic session locations. Whether you’re an avid hiker or prefer a roadside adventures, I am all for getting those amazing views and always have a list in mind of new, epic places for couples to have their sessions or elope.

  • I want these sessions to encompass YOU! Do y’all love camping under the stars? Sunrises in the mountains with coffee in a JetBoil? Playing guitar? Taking your jeep off-roading? Feel free to tell me anything and everything about yourself that you may want to incorporate into a session (even if you think it’s irrelevant/silly/crazy!).

  • I get hype. Really dang hype. I’m warning you in advance that there will be uncontrollable excited squeals coming from this girl behind the camera – but no worries, it just means magic is happening! Although some squeals mean I’ve stumbled… just another part of working with me!

Kavan and Truly having fun in the snow during their October couples session in Montana!

Kavan and Truly having fun in the snow during their October couples session in Montana!

“Jessica was an absolute joy to work with. She really encouraged us to just be ourselves and spontaneous which I LOVED.”
— Kavan & Truly C.

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I’d love to talk more about working with you! If you fill out the form on my contact page, i’ll send you more information and we can get to planning your epic day or session.

Photos of my sweet golden retrievers, Oliver and Scout, as a “thank you” for scrolling down here!