Northern Lights Glacier National Park | Montana Elopement

Tyler-Moss and Ali sitting on the shore of Lake McDonald after their elopement day. There were countless stars in the sky and the Northern Lights were faintly visible in the distance.

Tyler-Moss and Ali sitting on the shore of Lake McDonald after their elopement day. There were countless stars in the sky and the Northern Lights were faintly visible in the distance.

Not too long before Ali and Tyler-Moss’s elopement day in Glacier National Park the news was flooded with reports that the Northern Lights might be visible Saturday and Sunday, the day of their wedding. I excitedly sent a screenshot of the article to Ali and she exclaimed that it would be an absolute dream come true for them to see the Northern Lights during their trip to Glacier National Park from Tennessee.

On their elopement day, I checked the forecast and it looked like we had an okay chance of seeing the lights. These two were more than excited to grab some beers near Lake McDonald Lodge and head to the shore of Lake McDonald to sit under the stars and, hopefully, see the northern lights.

Ali and Tyler-Moss laying together under the stars at the end of their elopement day.

Ali and Tyler-Moss laying together under the stars at the end of their elopement day.

As the sun fully set and darkness took over, we noticed the occasional flash behind the mountains and with so much excitement, I remember saying “I think that’s it!” We continued to wait for it to get darker and darker and as we waited the flashes kept getting brighter.

We were on the shore of Lake McDonald with at least 20 other people who were all looking up in awe with us.

Northern Lights from the shore of Lake McDonald

Northern Lights from the shore of Lake McDonald

I will always treasure the memory of seeing the Northern Lights and being able to share this experience with the sweetest, fun couple from Tennessee.

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back | An Open Letter to Potential Clients


Dear potential client,

Don’t let fear hold you back from booking the session of your dreams because you’re worried about being awkward in front of the camera.

Seems easy enough for me to say, right? I’m a photographer! This must be easy! Wrong. I totally get it. As a person I am so dang awkward and clumsy. I get it, cameras are super intimidating for even me to be in front of. I instantly forget what "normal people” do with their hands and am constantly worried about how my face looks.

Recently, I knew I wanted updated photos of myself but I put it off for so long. I was consumed with worry about how I would look, what I should wear, and if I would end up hating how I looked.

But then I decided that even more than the fear of photos, I hated the idea of fear stopping me from getting the photos I was envisioning! And you know what, I got some of my favorite photos ever of myself out of it! Which I wouldn’t have done if I let fear put my vision on the back burner.

Legitimately 99% of sessions start off with a couple somehow implying that they’re awkward, have never done this before, and letting me know they need direction. It’s normal! But still, those sessions result in beautiful galleries and images that represent their relationship.

So don’t let that fear stop you! And hire me while you’re at it because helping clients go from feeling awkward in the beginning to being unapologetically themselves at the end is my favorite. I’d love to make those dream photos happen for you!

Central Montana Couples Session | Cindy & Lane


This is the third couples session in Central Montana I’ve had the opportunity to do with Cindy and Lane in my time as a photographer! It’s been so neat to capture them as their family grows (they have two of the sweetest dogs now) and as their love grows, too, of course!

For their summer couples session, we were originally planning on exploring in Augusta but when flooded roads foiled our “Plan A,” they were so go-with-the-flow and did a little adventuring with me into the Lewis and Clark National Forest in Central Montana for “Plan B.”


I totally love how their tattoos photographed! Definitely makes me want to go out and get another…

I helped Cindy coordinate their first outfit around Lane’s flamingo shirt (shoutout to TJMaxx for the amazing find)! I love the opportunity that more casual outfits give for clients to really let-loose and be playful with one another. It’s always encouraged to bring two outfits to your sessions if you’d like!


For Cindy and Lane’s second outfit, she wore a beautiful, white two-piece dress from Lulus that looked absolutely stunning on her! We saw this view of the setting sun lighting up the mountains a beautiful shade of pink just as I was about to turn on the road to head home and we all ran across the street in excitement!

We couldn’t have asked for a better Central Montana evening for their couples session in the mountains and I am so thankful for the relationship I’ve developed with Cindy and Lane in my years of working with them.

Central Montana Engagement Photos at Holter Lake

Holter Lake was such a beautiful setting for Cassy and Taylor’s engagement photos in central Montana. The light was golden and warm and all things that you want from a summer evening! Their love seemed so effortless and natural and it was such a pleasure to work with the two of them during this exciting time!


Lake McDonald Engagement Photos | Victoria + Andrew | Glacier National Park, Montana

Andrew and Victoria on a dock on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

Andrew and Victoria on a dock on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

If you missed part one of Andrew and Victoria’s adventure session in Glacier National park beginning at Avalanche Lake, check it out here!

After we hiked to and from Avalanche Lake in the beginning of their adventurous Glacier National Park engagement session – Andrew, Victoria, and I then headed down the road to continue their session along the shore of Lake McDonald.


It was so much fun to capture their love and connection on the shore of such an iconic lake in the park. We began at one of the pull offs along Going to the Sun Road headed back towards the west entrance of Glacier National Park. I absolutely loved the fun vibes of her outfit and the beautiful tones created by the soft evening sunlight!


Our next and final stop during their Lake McDonald engagement session was at a beautiful dock in Apgar Village. It was a miracle that we had the entire dock to ourselves on a Saturday evening – it’s usually full of people soaking in the views and enjoying the sunset!