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Where are you two at in your elopement planning journey?

We're considering eloping

If you’re still on the fence about if having an elopement in Colorado (or anywhere!) is the right way for you two to say “I do”, here are 3 things I would like to share with you:

  • Give yourself permission to have the day of your dreams, not the day that someone else dreams for you.
    I am so passionate about encouraging couples to follow their hearts if they are feeling led to eloping because your wedding day should be a day that you don’t regret. A day that isn’t filled with stress and doing what you feel you’re “supposed” to do. Really step away from the expectations and the desires of others and work together to decide what type of wedding day is a true representation of your relationship and how you want to start off your adventure as a married couple.
  • I know there are no rule books or guides that you can go buy from the store to help you plan your Colorado elopement day – and that can be super intimidating. You don’t need one, I’ve got you covered. One of the most beautiful things about your Colorado elopement is that there’s nothing you really can’t do or have to do, other than get married! Which leads me to my next point…
  • The possibilities for your day are completely endless, how exciting is that?! You don’t have to follow a strict timeline, try to talk to 100 people in a couple of hours, or spend a ton of money on a day that you don’t feel connected to. Your Colorado elopement day can consist of anything and everything that is true to who you two are as a couple.

We 100% want to elope

HECK. YES. Let’s freaking do it! I’m so stoked for you making the decision to have such an awesome kind of wedding day by eloping in Colorado – it’s an epic state with endless possibilities for your elopement day. Here are 3 things I’d like to share with you about how working with me will help your day be all the more awesome.

  • The reason I am able to help couples have an elopement day that aligns with who they are as a couple is because I value forming a relationship with every single client that hires me. I only work with a limited number of couples each year because I want to genuinely be able to serve each and every one of them with an experience. I also treasure connecting with my couples and really understanding who they are – and that simply would not be possible if I was shooting an elopement every single day of the summer!
  • I help make sure all of the logistics are taken care of. I help guide my clients through the process of planning the best locations, navigating the permitting process, knowing what to pack, finding a good place to stay, and so much more. I genuinely love the planning side of elopements and am more than happy to help in any way you need. And if a pandemic taught me anything, it’s that I am pretty dang good at coming up with back up plans when needed.
  • I value authenticity. It’s safe and welcome for you to show up exactly as you are and I vow to do the same. I want to capture the real you and I don’t have any pinterest-perfect expectations of the couples that I work with. I want these photos to be a reflection of your love and relationship and the experience that is your elopement day.

Your Colorado Elopement Experience

Toss the wedding planning books and checklists… I’ve got you completely covered. 

What’s it like working with me for your Colorado elopement? Well, that phrase above sums it up perfectly. You’ve made the choice to shake it up for your wedding day and do things a little differently, right? That type of choice deserves a photographer who will show up for you every step of the way and help you craft an elopement that is the ultimate representation of your love for one another. We’re talking you two and me working as a team to create a Colorado elopement experience that is stress-free and is all about y-o-u and connecting intentionally with one another.

Client Review:

Alissa and Cody’s Breckenridge Colorado Elopement

“Jessica is more than just a photographer! She’s your right-hand woman, inspiration, planner (if you’re like me and just had no idea where to even start). She looked into so many places where we could possibly elope in Colorao, because I wasn’t even sure where to begin with that either. She kept my spirits high during the uncertain COVID times. She transported my flowers and delivered them safely.

Jessica became more than just a photographer in so many ways including being a great friend. She captured the silliness and love in our relationship!”

Collage of polaroid images from Taylor and Dylan's elopement day in Glacier National Park.

Colorado Elopement Planning Resources

5 Tips for Planning Your Colorado Elopement Day

Deciding to elope in Colorado is the easy part and it’s totally normal to want to know “what’s next” after making that decision! I put together a quick guide with tips to help you get started on planning your Colorado elopement experience.

 Let me take a moment to introduce you to your right-hand woman, planning assistant, photographer, dress-zipper, and hype-woman

Hey friend! I’m Jessica! While I’d love nothing more than to start off by gushing about my dogs or throwing some fun facts your way… in reality, those things do nothing to show you my heart behind being an elopement photographer and how I’m committed to serving you two on one of the most important days of your lives.

My goal for working together is showing you that you are enough just as you are. I totally acknowledge that might sound a little deep coming from a photographer, but hear me out.

I’m going to genuinely encourage you from day 1 because of all of the days in your life, your wedding day is a pretty dang important day to not feel regret about. Your desire to have a different wedding day by eloping instead, where you’re making memories in breathtaking landscapes together and following your dreams is valid. And if it’s what your heart desires, I want to help you go for it.

I chose to be an elopement photographer to show couples just like you the beauty of their connection and the amazing things that can happen when you choose to step away from the expectations of others to have a different kind of day. I’m here to guide you so that your day (and the photos from it) echos your relationship and showcases your love for one another, your style, and your interests. I want to take off the pressure for you to have this pinterest-perfect day of someone else’s dreams, so you can have the most true-to-you day of your dreams.

Do you photograph elopements outside of Colorado?

Absolutely! Traveling for elopements and exploring new places with couples both near and far is one of my favorite things about being an elopement photographer. You can check out my travel schedule (and bucket list locations) on my experience page!

So what’s next?!

Ahh – so excited to get to know you two more and connect about working together to have your connection captured for your elopement in Colorado! Fill out the contact form below and within 24-48 hours you’ll get an email from me with all of the information about having me as your Colorado elopement photographer and experience planner.

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