open letter

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back | An Open Letter to Potential Clients


Dear potential client,

Don’t let fear hold you back from booking the session of your dreams because you’re worried about being awkward in front of the camera.

Seems easy enough for me to say, right? I’m a photographer! This must be easy! Wrong. I totally get it. As a person I am so dang awkward and clumsy. I get it, cameras are super intimidating for even me to be in front of. I instantly forget what "normal people” do with their hands and am constantly worried about how my face looks.

Recently, I knew I wanted updated photos of myself but I put it off for so long. I was consumed with worry about how I would look, what I should wear, and if I would end up hating how I looked.

But then I decided that even more than the fear of photos, I hated the idea of fear stopping me from getting the photos I was envisioning! And you know what, I got some of my favorite photos ever of myself out of it! Which I wouldn’t have done if I let fear put my vision on the back burner.

Legitimately 99% of sessions start off with a couple somehow implying that they’re awkward, have never done this before, and letting me know they need direction. It’s normal! But still, those sessions result in beautiful galleries and images that represent their relationship.

So don’t let that fear stop you! And hire me while you’re at it because helping clients go from feeling awkward in the beginning to being unapologetically themselves at the end is my favorite. I’d love to make those dream photos happen for you!