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Swiftcurrent Lake + Saint Mary Montana Elopement – Glacier National Park – Cheyanne + Matt


Cheyanne and Matt had their elopement ceremony on the shore of Swiftcurrent Lake in the beautiful Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. They declared their love for each-other now and forever more with God and a few select guests as their witnesses. It was a truly beautiful ceremony that allowed these two to intimately say their vows surrounded by a landscape that held a special place in their heart.

Following their ceremony, Cheyanne, Matt, her best friend, and I headed back to their cabin (Park Cabin Company) to enjoy some cake before venturing out for their wedding portraits. Her cake was beautiful and was made by Crooked Tree Coffee and Cakes located in Great Falls, Montana.


After our bellies were full – it was time for an adventure! We headed to the Saint Mary entrance of Glacier National Park and ventured along Going to the Sun Road for the portraits.


I absolutely loved how relaxed and excited Cheyanne and Matt were throughout their wedding day. Even with rain clouds looming, they were both so present in the moment and you could just feel how excited they were to be married. In my Q&A with Cheyanne, she said “we didn’t have to worry about every little detail being perfect. We didn’t have to worry about pleasing other people. It was just a special day spent with one another!”

After we wrapped up at our first stop, we went to a location that Cheyanne and Matt visited during one of their first trips to Glacier National Park. When we arrived and got out of the car, they immediately began down the trail together and I was filled with so much happiness. One of the best parts of elopements is choosing a place that is special and I loved that these two went to a place so natural for them to adventure in.


They say that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. On the day of Cheyanne & Matt’s elopement, we not only had rain, but we saw multiple bears – which is good adventure elopement luck if I’ve ever seen it. These “imperfections” just reiterated why it’s so amazing to have an elopement – it’s low key, and we just roll with whatever nature brings our way!

Thank you again Cheyanne and Matt for welcoming me into your lives for your intimate elopement in Glacier National Park! I spent the entire day feeling giddy (and randomly saying “YOU’RE MARRIED!”) because it means so much to me to capture such a meaningful time in your lives.

Rain or shine, I’m here to capture the perfectly imperfect moments that combine together to form your wedding day. To inquire for coverage of your wedding, please visit my wedding page.

Elopement Day Q&A – Glacier National Park Elopement – Cheyanne + Matt


The concept of “eloping” is still fairly new compared to the idea of having a traditional wedding! The word elopement used to mean “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent.”

The term is now used to allude less to secrecy and parental consent and more to the concept of tossing away the societal norms of a wedding day and opting to have a much more intimate and intentional celebration of two becoming one. If you’re still skeptical about this new meaning – ask Merriam Webster!

I asked Cheyanne and Matt some questions about their elopement that I had the pleasure of capturing this past September in Glacier National Park.

Q: Why did you decide to elope over having a traditional wedding?
A: Weddings are expensive! Neither one of us could fathom spending thousands of dollars on some big, extravagant wedding. We are also pretty low-key people so having a traditional wedding just didn’t fit either of our personalities. Something small, romantic, and simple was definitely the way to go!

Q: Why did you choose Glacier National Park as the location of your special day?
A: When we first moved to Montana, one of our first trips we made was to Glacier. We were in shock of the pure beauty this place had!! We jokingly said “We should just elope right here in Glacier!” So when we got engaged it was a no-brainer! We both love visiting Glacier, and now it holds a very special place in our hearts!

Q: What were your favorite parts of your wedding day that differed from traditional weddings?
A: Oh my goodness! It was just so laid back and romantic and intimate and just beyond perfect! We loved it! We didn’t have to worry about every little detail being perfect. We didn’t have to worry about pleasing other people. It was just a special day spent with one another! Adventuring after our ceremony was pretty fun too, even with all the bears!

Q: Do you have any advice for couples considering eloping?
A: Do you! Don’t worry about what others are going think. It is your day! You can celebrate how you want, have cake, and eat it too.

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