augusta montana

Dogs' First Trip to Augusta

We took Scout and Oliver to Augusta, Montana today to have some fun playing in the water and get out of town for a few hours! Scout had a blast and although Oliver swam a little too, he was much happier napping in our warm, comfortable car with Stephen!


Mackenzie + Raymond | Couple's Session


When Mackenzie and Raymond came to me asking for photos, they noted that they hadn't had professional photos taken together since their wedding – almost 3 years ago... crazy, right? So I knew we had to go somewhere fun and exciting to really capture their love for each other in this season of their life together. 

Dancing in the dark, with you between my arms...
— Ed Sheeran

It was a chilly, late-summer morning. We arrived before the sun rose so we spend time experimenting with silhouette photos on the dock and in front of their jeep. We then made our way down the road and took photos as we went until we arrived at this beautiful bridge.


The bridge was a beautiful spot for an outfit change. It complimented the colors of both of their outfits and I loved the way the blues of their second outfit worked with the landscape.


I loved spending my Sunday morning adventuring with these two on the back roads of Augusta and capturing their love for one another.