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Avalanche Lake Engagement Photos | Victoria + Andrew | Glacier National Park


Andrew, Victoria, and I had such a great time during their engagement photos in Glacier National Park. I was overjoyed when Victoria said that they wanted to have a more adventurous engagement session and hike to Avalanche Lake.

When I first visited Glacier National Park a little over three years ago, my husband and I stumbled upon this trailhead while walking along the Trail of the Cedars and decided to go for it without knowing what the end would hold for us.

I felt the same magical pull in my heart visiting this spot years later with these two that I did the first time. Avalanche Lake is beyond magical and breathtaking and it was beautiful to have the mountains and crystal clear water as a backdrop for their engagement photos. 

I caught myself uncontrollably smiling while editing their session because I could feel their undeniable connection all over again looking through the photos. This was location one of three for their engagement photos, so be on the lookout for the blog posts of the next two parts!


If you’re interested in booking an engagement session somewhere in Montana or adventure session of your own in Glacier National Park, message me via my contact page and we can plan a session that’s perfectly “you”!

Memorial Falls + Sluice Boxes State Park Engagement Photos – Molly + Trenton


Molly and Trenton’s love story is one for the books. They leaned into on their faith and love for each-other and it led them to moving to the beautiful state of Montana together. One winter day, Molly and Trenton were hiking to Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park. Once they arrived to the shore of the lake, Trenton proposed to Molly and, as you guessed, she said yes!

Molly and I agreed that their engagement session here in Central Montana should be adventure-filled, just like the day Trenton proposed.

We began the session with a hike to Memorial Falls in Neihart, Montana. This is one of my favorite places to visit in Central Montana in the winter and the waterfall is simply stunning when it’s frozen over.


We definitely slipped our way up to this beautiful location but it was beyond worth it to get some adventurous Montana engagement photos!


After we wrapped up our adventure at Memorial Falls, we headed back towards town to another one of my favorite spots – Sluice Boxes State Park. We had so much fun running around and laughing in such a beautiful location and the weather was simply beautiful!

Molly mentioned that Trenton would love to incorporate his truck into some pictures so we finished off the session with them snuggled up in the bed of his pick-up. I loved getting to know the two of them so that we could incorporate meaningful elements into their photos and it really allowed me to capture photos that showcased their personalities and relationship!


I loved capturing Molly & Trenton’s engagement photos at Memorial Falls and Sluice Boxes State Park – it was the perfect winter adventure and was such a fun way to capture their love for one another.

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Glacier National Park Engagement Photos – GNP – Marah + Doug

Marah and I had been discussing the details of their engagement session for a few months. Then,  a couple of weeks before her session, she asked if I would be up for having Glacier National Park as the backdrop of their photos. How could I not say yes?!

If you have been following my business for a while, you know that my first love was landscape photography. I still love it to this day and love it, even more, when I can incorporate people into the mix. I was beyond thrilled to show Marah and Doug some of my favorite spots in Glacier National Park for their engagement session. Did I mention it was their first trip?! Even more exciting!

I'm over the moon to be sharing these photos in blog post form!


Waterfall Adventure Session – Augusta, MT – Alexandra + Zackary

For Alexandra and Zackary's session, we adventured into the Rocky Mountain Front of Montana for a beautiful waterfall and open field session. We had a wonderful time navigating the rocky landscape, exploring off the beaten path, and taking in the beautiful scenery. Our plan was to enjoy the adventure of the session and wherever that ultimately took us! Life is meant for good friends and great adventure – and I was thrilled to be able to do both of those things with this amazing couple I get to call my friends.


Sluice Boxes State Park Adventure Session – Great Falls, MT – Abby + Shane

"Love is meant to be an adventure..."

Abby and Shane are a couple with beautiful souls and adventurous spirits – so I knew that we had to make their session truly showcase their love for each-other in a beautiful landscape. We agreed that hiking at Sluice Boxes State Park would create a phenomenal backdrop that was so perfectly "them." 

We hiked the trail until we reached a stream access area and began taking photos at this point. The water was a bit high due to spring runoff but I was thankful for an area of rocks that they were able to stand on (and waterproof boots that I wore)!


We then continued back to the next location – it's amazing how much this next area inspired me! I thought I had my entire game plan thought out but when we got to this area I just couldn't get enough of it.


Our next location was one of the ones I had most looked forward to when planning – the edge of a cliff overlooking the beautiful area below. It was a natural place for me to pause and soak in the views during my past hikes in the area. I knew it would be the perfect place for this couple to enjoy the landscape and soak in the moment together.


We probably could have stayed on that cliff for hours while soaking up the beautiful views. It was near impossible to edit these photos without smiling along with them the entire time. Their positive energy was contagious. But alas, the sun was quickly going down and we had one more spot on our list to get photos at! 


I feel so blessed to have been able to connect with and capture this couple.Abby and Shane, thank you for having me along for your adventure in Sluice Boxes this night. Your love is inspiring and each of you are such special people.