5 Tips to Help You Elope in Colorado

5 Tips from a Colorado Elopement Photographer

Choosing to elope is the easy part… but then what?! No worries! I came up with a quick, 5 tip to eloping in Colorado blog post that will help get you started off on the right foot as you plan your Colorado elopement day!

Colorado Elopement Tip #1

Hire a Photographer You Connect With Who Can Guide You Throughout the Planning Process

Jessica walking across red rocks while holding a camera at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado
I love helping down-to-earth couples plan purposeful Colorado elopement days that bring their vision for the perfect day to life.

Elopements are continuously growing in popularity, which is freaking awesome. That growth is happening because people are recognizing the beauty of stepping away from what society and the wedding industry has told you your day is “supposed to be.” Getting away from those norms has allowed me to witness and help couple after couple have a day filled with purpose, intention, and quality time with the one(s) who mean most to them.

The thing about elopements is, they don’t come with a guide book. There’s not that security of going to Barnes and Nobile and picking out a few books to tell you everything you need to do and when you need to do it… For some this is freeing, but if you’re a planner (like me) this can also be a little terrifying.

Don’t fear – this is exactly why I reccomend hiring a photographer that specializes in helping couples have the Colorado elopement day of their dreams.

As your colorado elopement photographer and right-hand woman, I’ll help you with:
  • Deciding the best time of year and location that fits perfectly with who you are and what you want to experience on your trip to Colorado for your elopement
  • Finding the best local vendors (such as florists and makeup artists) to help your vision for your day come together effortlessly
  • Scoping out a perfect Airbnb for you two to stay in to make your Colorado elopement experience all the more romantic
  • Crafting a day filled with intention and experiences that are true to your relationship
  • Capturing your elopement day and all of the moments that happen during so that you can live in the moment and then relive your day over and over again (and share it with those who aren’t present)
  • And so much more…!

You could honestly stop reading right here, click the button below and I’ll help you with everything else. I genuinely mean it when I say that I like to offer a hands-on experience and guide my couples through anything and everything they may need to know to help them have the day of their dreams!

Jessica walking across red rocks while holding a camera at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Great Sand Dunes National Park would make for such a unique location for your Colorado elopement day. This landscape features beautiful sand dunes for those playful, barefoot vibes and breathtaking mountain views all in one place.

Colorado Elopement Tip #2:

Take Time to Envision What You Want Your Day to Look Like

Don’t brush past this tip! There is so much power to putting thoughts and feelings into words to help you really focus on the intentional day you’re hoping to have. This will not only allow you to start to craft the Colorado elopement day you have your heart set on, but you’ll also be able to reference these answers to check that throughout the planning process, you’re staying true to what’s on your heart for your day.

Questions to ask yourself to help you form a vision for your Colorado elopement day:
  • uWhat about a traditional wedding didn’t feel aligned with the two of you and the experience you wanted to have?
  • uHow do you want your elopement day to feel?
  • uThink to the future and close your eyes… you have an album of photos from your elopement day in your hands and you’re reliving your day… what words / emotions come to mind when you think of what you want those photos to look like?
  • uWhen you initially decided on Colorado as the state for your elopement, what sorts of landscapes and activities really stood out to you most? Were there any particular locations that really made you feel stoked?
Two vow books sitting on a rock next to a vibrant bouquet for a Breckenridge Elopement.
Capturing the details of your elopement day, like the bouquet of flowers and vow books, is so important to me to show and tell the entire story of your elopement.

Colorado Elopement Tip #3:

You Don’t Need an Officiant and Your Dog can be your witness

As a huge dog lover myself, this might just be my absolute favorite part of being a Colorado-based elopement photographer. So let’s break down both parts of this…

Self-solemization is a (totally legal) option for Colorado elopements

A big reason why you might be eloping is that you’re just not interested in being the center of attention in any way and you want to have a day where you feel free and empowered to say private vows with the person you love most and be super focused on the experience – I get it! Which is why it’s beyond awesome that you don’t even need an officiant or anyone who is ordained to “make it legal!”

Your photographer can help guide you to the most convenient location to get your marriage license, but it’s a super easy process and is just as effortless as it sounds.

Your dog can totally be a witness on your marriage license

HOW COOL IS THAT?! Although you don’t need a witness for your Colorado elopement to be official, I can’t think of a better witness than your dog(s) if you choose to have them! Bring an ink pad along and you’ll paw-sibly have the cutest print signature ever on your marriage license!

A couple walking across a frozen Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Some locations in Colorado, like Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, are usually accessible year-round and are perfect for your beautiful, winter Colorado Elopement day.

Colorado Elopement Tip #4:

Both Summer and Winter are Perfect for Your Colorado Elopement

You can truly have an absolutely epic Colorado elopement day no matter what time of year you’re able to visit.

Your winter elopement in Colorado could look like…

  • snowshoeing to a beautiful mountain overlook in Breckenridge
  • skiing in Aspen followed by a cozy evening in an A-frame cabin
  • exchanging vows on a snowy day in Colorado Springs at Garden of the Gods followed by soaking in hot springs
  • exploring together in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park
Couple kissing while the woman holds a red bouquet with rocky mountains behind them on their elopement day in Colorado.
Breckenridge, Colorado has so many beautiful spots for your elopement day year-round. This was from an August sunrise at Loveland Pass, just 40 minutes outside of town.
Your summer elopement in Colorado could look like…

  • backpacking to a camping spot in the San Juan Mountains followed by saying your vows the next morning as the sun lit up the mountains
  • a day spent barefoot roaming together at Great Sand Dunes National Park
  • sticking close to Denver without sacrificing epic views by exploring in in Boulder
  • a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park followed by snuggling together by the fire under what feels like hundreds of thousands of stars

Whether you’re looking for epic views not far from a parking lot or an adventurous experience hiking in the mountains, Colorado truly has everything you could hope for in a location for your elopement.

Colorado Elopement Tip #5:

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Be an Experienced, Super-Outdoorsy Person to Elope in Colorado

Maybe I lied about tip #1… this might just be the most important one if you only take one thing away from this post. Because it’s true, the outdoors and eloping in Colorado is truly for everyone whether you hit the trail any chance you get or you’ve never hiked a day in your life.

If you want to have the epic landscapes of Colorado as the setting of your elopement day – you should absolutely go for it! That’s what I’m here for – to help you have the day that you’re envisioning whether it involves hitting the trail, exploring by car, or never leaving the city.

Colorado elopement photographer

I hope you loved this guide!

I want your Colorado elopement experience to be stress-free and everything you dreamed it would be and I hope these tips help you on your elopement planning journey! Visit my contact page for more information on the Colorado elopement packages that I offer. My experience page is also a great resource to learn more about what it’s like to work with me.