Elopement Tips: 3 Ways to Include Your Family/Friends

A common question I get and hear from couples is how can they include people they care about in their elopement day even if they aren’t present? This blog post is going to go over 3 (stress-free) great ways to still have the intimate elopement of your dreams while including those you love most!

Take Cell Phone Pictures

A super-easy way to make them feel included is to ask your photographer to take behind the scenes cell phone photos and videos throughout the day and send them to you when the day is over! That way, you can excitedly share away with family and friends while you wait for your sneak peek. Something special to note is that I always deliver a mini-gallery of sneak peek images within 24 hours to my clients for this exact reason. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t typically stay up a little late the night of just to get them to people a little quicker. I do this because I totally understand how exciting it is to see your day captured and share it with those you love most as soon as possible!

Have Them Write Letters

Similar to how couples will sometimes write letters to each other to read while getting ready on their wedding day, have your closest family and friends write letters for the two of you to read on your elopement day. This can be incorporated into your ceremony or something you can do together while having a picnic on the shore of your favorite alpine lake. Another added bonus of this is that you’ll always have their words and well-wishes written down to remember and read time and time again. 

Host a Casual Get-Together Afterwards

Plan to have a super casual, stress-free get-together with your closest family and friends a month or two following your elopement day. Think backyard cookout on this one – is it too much to mention stress-free again? Just like I emphasize to couples having intimate weddings – only invite people who add to this experience and fill you with joy. A great way to have them relive your day as if they were part of it is to dedicate time to play a slideshow of images from your day for everyone to watch together and laugh, cry, etc. You could also create a guest book with photos from your day for guests to sign and write their well-wishes! Now you have an album of photos filled with words from the people you love most – that’s a win-win if I’ve ever heard one.