Central Montana Proposal and Engagement Photos

This romantic surprise proposal and engagement session from this summer in central Montana was one for the books. There was pizza, beer, country music, swing dancing, and all of the beautiful emotions that come along with the start of forever!

When I was originally planning the session with Cheyenne, she just wanted nice photos done of her and Tim to show their love and relationship. When we were planning and talking more about the two of them, she said they loved pizza, beer, and swing dancing – how much more perfect of a combo could you have for a session?! We decided to incorporate all of the above, because why not?!

About a week, maybe less, before their photos, Tim reached out to me in an Instagram message saying he planned to propose (insert excited squeals)! I was so hype to help him execute the most perfect engagement and I was excited that we had already planned the pizza and beer picnic for the second half of their session.

We began at Tower Rock State Park, just outside of Great Falls, Montana. For their first outfit, Cheyenne wore a beautiful red dress and Tim wore his uniform – I absolutely love the combination of red and the military greens! Their connection was undeniable and it was a blast capturing them from the beginning.

When we headed to spot number two, a fishing access site right down the road. Tim lowered the bed of his pickup truck and we got everything set up and ready for their Blue Moon beer and Papa Johns pizza picnic. Tim turned on a country playlist that both of them loved and it took everything in me not to lose it from the start – y’all know how sappy and beautiful country love songs are! After a few minutes of enjoying pizza and beer, Tim switched it to an especially special song and proposed to Cheyenne… SHE SAID YES!

Ugh, don’t mind me, just getting emotional all over again looking at these proposal and engagement photos. Not only was the Montana landscape and sunset that night beautiful, but the love between these two was so strong and it meant the world to capture such a special time.

I’ll end my blurb with this beautiful quote I found that really resonated with me when thinking of all of the military members and spouses I know going through deployments and periods of separation. “They knew it. Time, distance, nothing could separate them because they knew. It was always right. It was always worth the wait.”

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