Fall Glacier National Park Elopement Photos | Maddie + Anthony


Planning their elopement photos

A little over a year ago, Maddie and Anthony went together to the courthouse to get married. They didn’t have many nice photos of them dressed up and it was an overall low-key day. I talked on the phone with Maddie after speaking to her a few times over email and she expressed that she dreamed of beautiful elopement-style photos of the two of them dressed up in Glacier National Park surrounded by fall foliage. I thought this was the perfect way to have the wedding photos they always dreamed of having! So, of course, I said “let’s do it!”

Leading up to the day, I saw that there was without a doubt going to rain on the day we had planned. In a photographer’s mind, rain and fall in the mountains are the most beautiful combination and I was so excited that Maddie and Anthony agreed for us to fully embrace whatever nature had in store for us!

The perfectly moody day in Glacier National Park

We started the session a little earlier than usual after looking at the forecast to pick a time with the least heavy rain; and boy, am I so in love with how the photos turned out! It was the most perfectly moody day in the legendary Glacier National Park. We loved looking across Lake McDonald from the shore of Apgar Village – the shore was covered in leaves, the water was still and beautiful, and the air was crisp. As we adventured along Going to the Sun Road, I was so in love with the look of the wet pavement from the rain. I simply could not get over the beauty of the clouds engulfing the mountain tops. We finished along the Trail of the Cedars and we felt like we were in a scene straight out of the Pacific Northwest. The leaves were covered in raindrops and the trail was an even more vibrant clay color than usual! Don’t mind me over here drooling just thinking about the scenery all over again!

And ya know – who said getting your wedding dress a little dirty was a bad thing?! One of my favorite parts of adventurous elopements is seeing the remnants of nature along the bottom of brides’ dresses. When you spend the day in nature, nature becomes a part of your story and even a part of your dress. I love that standing there, it almost looks like Maddie’s dress is part of the trail she’s on. And that deep orange color is gorgeous!

Day-after adventurous sessions

Clients like Maddie and Anthony are why I’ve started integrating day-after sessions more and more into my offerings to clients. Whether you two got married in a courthouse and want nice photos in nature (a day or a year later) or if you had a big traditional wedding but love nature – day-after wedding sessions allow you to get all dressed up again and get out into nature for some beyond epic photos!