Where to Elope in Glacier National Park

Best Places to elope in glacier national park

A guide to all of my favorite areas in Glacier National Park to help you decide which location is perfect for your elopement day.

Deciding to elope in Glacier National Park is the easy part but narrowing down where exactly to spend your elopement day is where the decision gets a little difficult! That’s why I wrote this guide to help give you a better idea of the general areas and what they have to offer for your day.

Glacier National Park Elopement Locations Table of Contents

  1. Many Glacier
  2. West Glacier
  3. Two Medicine
  4. Saint Mary
  5. Logan Pass
  6. Polebridge
A photo of Many Glacier Lodge in Glacier National Park at sunrise with pink and blue colored clouds in the sky and the water of Swiftcurrent Lake completely still.

Sunrise at Swiftcurrent Lake in the Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park, Montana

Many Glacier

The saying goes “save the best for last” but I just don’t have that kind of control! The Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park is an area that takes my breath away every time I visit it.

Some perks of choosing to have your elopement in Many Glacier:

  • Many iconic Glacier National Park trails begin in this area, including my personal favorite hike to Grinnell Glacier. If you choose to have an adventurous elopement day there won’t be a shortage of amazing trails to choose from for all levels of difficulty that you might be comfortable with.
  • So much wildlife! Just about every time I’ve visited this area, I’ve seen either a moose or a bear (among other animals). 
  • Three words: beyond epic sunrises. The early bird catches the worm… or finds a parking lot at the trailhead! Luckily the sunrises in Many Glacier are some of the most epic and beautiful that I’ve witnessed which makes the early morning alarm so worth it. Pro tip: grab a cup of coffee, a blanket, and go onto the deck of the Many Glacier Hotel for a cozy sunrise experience.

Sunset in Many Glacier in Glacier National Park

A couple walking down a dock on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Taylor and Dylan on their early summer elopement day in West Glacier.

West Glacier

West Glacier is probably the lushest and green area in Glacier National Park and in some areas, like the Trail of the Cedars, it almost feels like it was taken straight out of the Pacific Northwest! It’s also home to the iconic Lake McDonald, which is probably a spot you’ll see in searches of Glacier National Park filled with beautiful rainbows of smooth rocks.

Some perks of choosing to have your elopement in West Glacier:

  • Watching sunsets and stargazing while sitting on the shore of Lake McDonald is such an amazing and serene experience. I’ve never seen as many stars as I see while in Glacier National Park. Fun fact – it’s actually designated as an International Dark Sky Park, which means they have a commitment to preserving dark skies. (Read more about that here!)
  • Of all of the spots that I mention, West Glacier definitely the least amount of driving from popular areas to stay like Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls, which is great if you’re not looking to spend much time in the car. 
  • Wheelchair accessibility is a big one for this area. There are numerous spots to choose from that are accessible, such as the Trail of the Cedars and Lake McDonald!
  • West Glacier has spots to visit nearly year-round, so if you’re planning to have your elopement in the winter, fall, or spring there’s a really good chance there’s a spot in Glacier National Park that we can access for your elopement day.

Tyler and Paige near McDonald Creek on their elopement day in West Glacier

A couple walking down a dock on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Victoria and Dylan overlooking the Two Medicine valley.

Two Medicine

The Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park lends itself to have a little more wild vibe due to the close sweeping mountain peaks and (almost always) windy conditions. But speaking from a photographer’s perspective, wind can lend itself to some pretty epic photos with wind blown-hair and dresses moving beautifully in the wind!

Some perks of choosing to have your elopement in Two Medicine:

  • Adventurous waterfall photos… without the big hike in your wedding attire. If you want an adventurous vibe for your photos without exerting all of the energy to hike in your wedding attire, Two Medicine is the home of the breathtaking Running Eagle Falls. This waterfall is only a .25 mile walk from the parking lot! 
  • Although it’s hard to find many places in Glacier National Park that are truly away from the crowds, I feel like locations like Two Medicine and Many Glacier are a little more off the beaten path, which makes it easier to escape the people and have moments to yourselves. 
  • One of my favorite lodging and dining spots, Summit Mountain Lodge, is located nearby! It feels like such a tranquil escape even though it’s located right off the highway.

Running Eagle Falls in Two Medicine

A couple walking down a dock on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Sarah and Chase at Sun Point in the Saint Mary area of Glacier National Park.

Saint Mary

A great part of including Saint Mary as the home base of your elopement day is that it would be pretty easy to venture to Two Medicine or Many Glacier if you opt for a longer elopement experience. There’s also a really cool boat ride that you can take across the lake that my dad particularly enjoyed when we visited the park together!

Some perks of choosing to have your elopement in Saint Mary:

  • It’s a super central location! You could easily spend a portion of your elopement day in the Saint Mary region of the park and then finish off the day checking out Logan Pass, Two Medicine, or Many Glacier with only an hour or so drive. 
  • The hike to Saint Mary Falls and Virginia Falls begins in this area and both are relatively easy hikes that would be perfect to incorporate into your elopement day! 
  • Spots like Wild Goose Overlook and Sun Point make for absolutely stunning photos. Although these are both relatively popular stopping points, I know some secret spots to help us escape from the crowd. 

Cheyanne and Matt at Wild Goose Island Overlook at Saint Mary Lake. 

A couple walking down a dock on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Cathy and Ryan in a field of fireweed along the Going to the Sun Road.

Logan Pass + Going to the Sun Road

Located at the highest point along the Going to the Sun Road, you’ll find the iconic Logan Pass. This area is the home to popular trailheads, such as the Highline Trail and Hidden Lake Overlook Trail. Due to the popularity, it’s definitely a spot that you need to be prepared to get up before the sun (or wait until later in the evening). But don’t worry, it’s always worth it! Even on the cloudiest of days.

Some perks of choosing to have your elopement at Logan Pass or along the going to the sun road:

  • If you’re drawn to sweeping mountain views that remind you how small you are among the landscape, this is your spot. And the best part of it all is that you don’t even have to hit the trails to experience this feeling!
  • Wildflowers as far as the eye can see during July and August. My favorites are definitely beargrass and fireweed!
  • You can’t go wrong with the views and lighting at sunrise or sunset. Seriously! Both times of day in this area are absolutely stunning and have opportunities for you to see the mountains light up as the sun rises or sets.

Ali and Tyler watching the sunset at. aspot just past Logan Pass on the Going to the Sun Road.

A couple walking down a dock on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Bowman Lake in early October.

Polebridge + Bowman lake

The road to get to Polebridge is definitely the road less traveled, but it’s worth every bump you encounter along the way. Tucked away in the northwestern side of the park is this charming town with many unexpected gems. 

Some perks of choosing to have your elopement in Polebridge:

  • Bowman Lake! It has similar views to Lake McDonald, but usually without as many people there. It’d be a perfect spot to spend a morning or evening of your elopement day having a picnic together and skipping rocks along the water. Although my favorite time to visit the lake is in early fall, it’s also absolutely beautiful during the summer season! 
  • Huckleberry bear claws are the new wedding cake for elopements in Glacier National Park and the mercantile in Polebridge is world-famous for this sweet, huckleberry treat. They also have some pretty amazing pizza and a selection of beer!

Sariah and Parker snuggling up in a field near Polebridge.

A couple walking down a dock on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Rings on a map of Glacier National Park.

What now?! Well, let’s pick a spot and bring your Glacier National Park elopement day to life!

Like I said at the beginning, I know that choosing to elope in Glacier National Park is the easy part and it can definitely make it more difficult to really narrow down a spot that’s perfect for you! I’d love to be your right-hand woman to help you bring that dream of eloping in Glacier National Park to life with my expertise in locations, best times of year, and anything else you could need while planning your best day ever.